How to set Menu & Mega Menu

Setting up Menu

Go to Appearance -> Menu in your Dashboard.
To create a new menu, click the create a new menu link, then just type in a Menu Name (to help you remember what it is), and click the Create Menu button.
Add Pages, Links, Categories, or whatever to the Menu.
Assign it to any/all of the Menu Location

How to use Menu Option

Basically Menu is assign into 3 parts
Main Menu
Top Menu
Bottom Footer Menu

You can select any of these menu option to show your menu or you can make 3 different menu for these 3 option like if you want to show that Main Menu is different and in your Footer menu you want to show different menu.
For that you have to make pages first.
The pages that you create automatically shown in the Pages section of menu you have to select your pages that you want to show in your menu and click on the “Add to menu” button.

Setting up Mega Menu.

To create a mega menu, first open the menu item you want to set as mega menu.
In the select box “Select Dropdown Type” select Mega Menu.
The Direct menu items of this will behave as columns. Max 5 columns are allowed. Add them.
Now when you add menu items to these column menu items, they will be rows.
Once added hit save. Your mega menu is ready.

Style Your Menu

You can style your menu from the custom setting.
Click on the menu
After clicking you can see the custom setting of that menu from where you can add the ” Icon” of that menu or you can add background image for that menu.
You can also select the position of the sub menu that at which position you want to show your sub menu.

Note:- This styling of the menu is for the particular menu you select not apply for the other menu.